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Tim Lowe - Editor, Publisher and Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur

See what Matthew had to say...
“I have gone to a number of interviews before and generally just played it by ear, or bluffed my way through when I needed to, and usually that worked pretty well.

But when I got rejected for a job I really wanted recently I decided to buy the course. And I have to say it opened my eyes.

I now talk much more in terms of the employer’s interest when giving my answers, and that definitely has an impact.

In fact, I subsequently got two job offers, and the one I took was even better than the one I was first rejected for. So thanks for the great advice.”
Matthew Wills, Manchester
See what Ed had to say...
"I'd been turned down for several jobs in succession, and was beginning to feel a bit depressed.

I had only had the 'Winning The Executive Job Race' course for a day when I went for my next interview, but it really rang bells and changed my approach completely about how to present myself.

I found the FIVE POINT PLAN advice particularly helpful. And, guess what, I got the job!

I was really delighted. I can recommend this course to anyone. I had read other books on the subject, but this one really did it for me."
Ed Veasey, London
See what Jim had to say...
“It’s obvious the course has been written by someone with a complete mastery of the subject.

It covered all the points I could think of, yet it is written in an easy style which made me feel the writer was speaking to me.

You’re always worried when you’re going to an interview in case you get asked some tough question that absolutely floors you, and leaves you in a heap.

After reading this course, I did feel much more confident, and my nerves have just disappeared.”
Jim Maasch, South Africa
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David Drennan has been advisor to ...
Coca Cola
Mars Group
British Aerospace
British Telecommunications
HM Treasury
Bank of England
Del Monte
Alberto Culver
Lloyds Bank
Bristol Myers Squibb
British Printing Industries
CC Africa
Port of Dover
Hazlewood Foods
Ideal Standard
Institute of Directors
Staffordshire Tableware

South African Airways
Rand Water
Nuclear Electric
Ministry of Defence

Now anyone can get the benefit of hard hitting, powerful, no nonsense recruitment advice from one of the leading man management practitioners in the world ...

... WITHOUT the £3000 AN HOUR price tag!

Meet Professor David Drennan, ex-personnel director of Mars Group and current Chairman of Good People Management International (GPM) ...

As former recruitment advisor to Volvo, Coca-Cola, the Bank of England, British Aerospace, Nuclear Electric, General Motors, Her Majesty's Treasury, Ideal Standard and many other global corporations, there really is no-one better to show you how to find that perfect job opportunity ...

... and virtually GUARANTEE that YOU become the only suitable candidate when you apply for it!

Introducing: David Drennan's


... the most comprehensive guide on getting that dream job available in the UK today!

Fully revealed in this updated for 2009, professionally bound home study manual:-

  • How you can guarantee that you're application goes straight to the top of the shortlist pile when applying for that life changing job opportunity ...
  • How you can control the mind of the person interviewing you ... and how to influence them using psychological persuasion tactics that will convince them without them even realising it, that you are the ONLY suitable candidate for the position ...
  • How to read the interview because you know in advance the hidden techniques that top organisations use to recruit people, and how to deal effectively with ALL the latest selection tests that are being used in the world today ...
  • How to answer those 'difficult' and penetrating questions that invariably come up, yet so often ruin the chances of even the most promising candidates (including the age old "what sort of salary are you looking for?")!
  • In fact ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you'll ever need to make sure you finally succeed in securing the dream job that will make such a dramatic difference for you and your family!

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Whether you're looking for an extra £10,000, £50,000, or £500,000 a year with all the trappings of the highly successful company executive ... the 40ft Sunseeker motor yacht, the luxury company cars, the exotic overseas holidays ...

... or you're simply looking for more job satisfaction ...

- if you're going to achieve any of it, the material that follows will be the most valuable information that you'll have ever come across ... GUARANTEED!

As former Special Professor of Management at Nottingham University and highly acclaimed author of several world renowned books including 'Transforming Company Culture' and 'The 12 Ladders to World Class Performance', Professor David Drennan is generally acknowledged as one of the most proficient man management practitioners in the world.

And as you read through this page, you'll soon realise that his unique course offers so much more than just simple careers advice ... but a golden opportunity to finally achieve the LIFESTYLE that you've always dreamed about!

Whether you want ...

  • The six figure salary and the executive position with all the perks and prestige that goes with it ...
  • The company Mercedes SL, BMW six series, or any other vehicle that the company is happy to pay for ...
  • To fly business class all over the world and stay in the most prestigious hotels, knowing that the company is picking up the tab ...

Or you're simply looking for ...

  • More job satisfaction, enjoying every day because you love what you're doing ... rather than clock-watching every five minutes and 'willing' forward the time to go home ...
  • A happier and more fulfilling working environment that's so comfortable, you'll never again be desperate to leave ...
  • A secure future that will set you up for your retirement, so that you don't have any worries about your old age ...

Whatever you want from your working life, David Drennan's 'Winning the Executive Job Race' can really help you achieve it and much much more!

Try out these techniques NOW 100% RISK FREE

David Drennan
During 25 years at the top, David Drennan and his elite recruitment team have developed some of the most sophisticated interview and selection techniques that are still being used all over the world today.

And getting the job that will change your life is actually really easy, when you have the right 'insider' information ...

But David has also seen countless promising candidates 'blow it' ... and not only during the interview, but at the application stage too.

In his experience a good 90% simply cross their fingers and hope they'll be able to handle the situation effectively, having done little or no preparation, and just 'play it by ear', hoping they can respond with the right answers.

Worse still, many are totally unaware that certain non-verbal signals they're giving out make them as easy to read as an open book ...

... it's often these little 'tells' that will lose them that life changing job opportunity before they've even had a chance to show what they're capable of.

Fact: The vast majority of interview candidates don't even know they are out of the running long before they receive the "we'll be in touch" handshake

Now, because he has seen this so often, David Drennan has decided to reveal the 'thinking' from the other side of the desk.

Winning the Executive Job Race

Aimed at creating the most comprehensive resource available for any serious job seeker, David Drennan has finally put together a highly valuable home study package that's just jam packed full of the latest, cutting edge and in-depth techniques ... all cleverly designed to massively enhance the chance of you being successful in whatever position you apply for.

Whether its your first time application or you want to be the chairman of a public company, what you will discover is like nothing you'll have ever seen or heard of before ...

They'll practically be giving you the "when can you start speech" before the interview is over!
"When can you start?"

Set out in 12 distinct sections, from sourcing the dream through to strengthening your chances of success after the interview, David's system has been designed to take away the 'power' from the interviewer, and give you the control.

And with the psychological advantage over the person on the other side of the desk, you can practically guarantee that you WILL get the result you want!


Increase your salary by £10,000 ... £30,000 ... or even £500,000 plus ...

Imagine driving around in a company Mercedes SL class

If you're looking to double, treble or even quadruple your salary over the next few months David Drennan's 'Winning the Executive Job race' can really make it happen.

And if you're just starting out, or you're worried about the forthcoming interview, especially if you are one of those who are plagued with destructive feelings such as, "I haven't even got the job yet" ...

Remember, this sort of lifestyle is already the reality for so many. Those who have taken 'the bull by the horns' and are now further up the career ladder never look back and wish they were in your shoes.

With the right help and advice, as well as a hefty dose of self belief (which you'll also discover from using this unique course), you'll be joining THEM in no time ...

You can as good as guarantee you'll get the job, no matter what position you apply for.

Here's a little taste of what's on offer to ensure your application goes straight to the top of the 'to see' pile ...

  • How to immediately distinguish yourself from your rivals with a powerful CV that virtually jumps out from the pile - and how to enhance it with a highly persuasive covering letter that grabs the reader's attention straight away.
  • The essential preliminary research that will reap massive reward and what's a total waste of time - and yes this may surprise you.
  • Why 80% of jobs are awarded on the basis of the 'correct' attitude and NOT qualifications - you'll discover how to build and project the 'RIGHT' attitude in your application, at the interview and throughout your career.
  • The best and most effective ways to prepare and score highly on increasingly sophisticated selection tests.
  • The most effective, (but often neglected) ways to get ready for any type of interview - including the latest "Extended" and residential "Assessment Centre" interviews.
  • How you could get the job EVEN IF YOU DON'T have half the attributes or qualifications listed on the job description - this 'secret' alone is why so many potential candidates miss out on their dream career.
  • The absolutely essential must have techniques and strategies for writing dynamic CVs - did you know there are three types of CV layouts that companies now prefer?
  • A free resource that can immediately raise your chances of success by 79%!

Simply by catching the attention on paper, you're far more likely to succeed in the interview room because you've already made a good impression before you even got there.

Discover the psychological strategies that will dominate the country's leading recruitment systems ...

But it's when you get to the all important interview where you really need the inside information ... where David Drennan's unique psychological strategies and techniques will give you an almost unfair advantage over the competition so that ONLY YOU can become the candidate who is realistically considered for the position.

This incredibly valuable information includes the latest 'insider recruitment secrets' used by many of the world's top corporations so that you'll best be prepared to handle even the toughest selection procedures.

Make the kind of positive entrance that immediately gives you a head start, and instantly gets the interviewer on your side ...

60 seconds to create a good impression

Winning the Executive Job race will show you simple techniques to make that all-important ‘first impression’... and why you have just sixty seconds to do it!

And once past that, you'll be shown how to steer even the most unpromising situation in your favour and sail through those "awkward" moments ... like answering questions about your weaknesses, inexperience or why you've decided to leave your present job!

Plus you'll also discover how to avoid negative body language and actually identify what's going on in the interviewer's mind by recognising verbal and non-verbal clues that both you and the interviewer are sending out.

But most important of all ... you'll be equipped with powerful responses to the kind of penetrating questions that will have your rivals' palms sweating!

As they rack their brains looking for the answers, you'll instantly have the edge as you confidently answer any questions that are fired at you ... INCLUDING those that have been designed to put you under pressure!

Winning the executive Job race will reveal how you can easily ...

  • Give the best answers to 55 tricky interview questions - previous employers ... reasons why you left your last job ... what you thought about your boss ... your most vulnerable areas ... the salary you're after ... why you think you are better than the other candidates, etc, etc ...
  • HOW YOU MUST NEVER RESPOND TO QUESTIONS LIKE, "can you tell me a little bit about yourself", "why do you want to join us in particular" and "where do you see yourself in five years' time?"
  • THE ANSWER YOU MUST NEVER GIVE TO THE QUESTION, "What sort of salary are you looking for?"
  • Show you in advance the covert methods top organisations use to select their recruits - a little underhand maybe but you'll have an unfair advantage when you know how to deal with them!
  • How to steer the interview in your favour from the minute you walk into the room.
  • The importance of the 'brag file' - how to use success stories, without looking too 'jumped up' or you're 'showing off' (even if you don't think you've got any)!
  • The steps you absolutely must take to anticipate interview questions - and why you can be totally confident that other candidates won't have prepared for them.
  • A five point plan that leaves interviewers knowing EXACTLY why they should employ you, and ONLY you - if you want to burn a permanent impression on their minds even weeks after the interview, don't miss this technique!
  • How to divert attention from your weaknesses onto your strengths - even when the interviewer seems hell bent on drawing out your worst points!
  • Love her or loathe her, there's no denying that Margaret Thatcher could hold her ground in any interview - now you can use her subtle techniques so that they never, ever forget you.
  • The MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to command the highest salary and rewards package.
  • How to instantly spot an inexperienced interviewer from the moment you walk into the room - this can be absolutely disastrous unless you get this interviewer on your side.
  • The best ways to respond to any type of interview situation - group or individual … first, second or third interview … one-on-one chat ... intensive assessment centre processing.
  • Discover the key questions interviewers now expect YOU to ask and which will have a big impact on whether or not they offer you the job. You'll also learn how to eliminate the destructive questions you may well have asked in the past (and which your rivals are still asking).
  • How to be aware of the interviewer's ‘hot buttons'

And then after the interview

  • How to effectively 'close' the interview and then follow it up afterwards - 3 things you can do to massively improve your chances of success ... even if you feel you've blown it!

Forget career coaches, books, guides …this course is jam packed with so much cutting edge, insider information that you just won't find anywhere else ...

And it's not only about how to succeed in the interview. Also in 'Winning the Executive Job race' you'll find a large detailed section on how to find the perfect job for your personality.

So many people spend around 50% of their lives dissatisfied in a job that they're bored, discontent or just plain unhappy with ... yet so few ever do anything about it!

Now you can get the ultimate in job satisfaction by making sure the position you apply for will be perfectly suited to YOU!

Discover ...

  • Seven Key Secrets to getting the job you'd REALLY like - clever little techniques that will help you design and win your own perfect job specification.
  • How to access the vast 'HIDDEN' job market - often the best paid and most rewarding jobs are never even advertised but you'll have a massive advantage if you know the 'secret' to why these positions never seem to become vacant or get snapped up before anyone gets a look in.
  • 14 different places you can look to find your perfect job - as well as the obvious, there are at least 11 other recruitment channels that you've probably never even thought about!
  • How you can now land the kind of senior position you might have passed over previously.
  • How to make sure that the ideal job suits you and what you want out of it.

All the essential information that will guarantee you get what you really want out of your working life ...

Finally you'll learn how to develop your communication skills, vocal and body language ... work on your tactics ... and anticipate the toughest questions and situations ... so you can walk into any type of job with total confidence.

Winning the Executive Job Race is written in a clear, straightforward easy to understand language that won't take you weeks to wade through.

Cleverly laid out in a high quality 109 page bound course manual, every section has been designed in such a way that you don't even have to try to 'learn' from it but you'll still quickly and effectively absorb the information with hardly any effort.

Winning the Executive Job race

For a limited time you have the opportunity to try out David Drennan's unique course for yourself, but at a tiny fraction of what it's worth to you.

This life changing manual is being offered at an introductory price of just £92.00 (plus £6.95 for shipping and handling) and it also comes with a full 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.

In the highly unlikely event that you weren't satisfied with what you receive, simply return it WITHIN 30 DAYS for a full and courteous refund. There'll be no quibble and no questions asked ... but you'll know that you at least gave it a try.

And as an added incentive, if you order 'Winning the Executive Job Race' within the next 48 hours you'll also receive a supplementary pack of bonus materials worth £87.89 for no additional charge...which you can keep even if you decide to return the main manual.

These materials alone will help you organise your professional life in such a way that you will become unstoppable!

FREE BONUS 1 - David Drennan's Top Time Management Tips (value £49.99)

David Drennan's Top Time Management tips

Top executives already know that money is not in fact the scarcest resource - it's time!

Leading management gurus all agree that effective executives all know where their time goes and they work systematically to control it.

In this short, punchy expose David Drennan reveals 17 Top Tips that he promises will claw back a minimum of at least one hour of effective time every single working day. As most people are only effective for around 5 hours a day, following David's advice will immediately give you an extra 20% of this rarest commodity!

In less than an hour you'll learn:

7 Steps to creating and actually getting through the best kind of task List. This one idea was once famously given to a man who used it to such effect that he went back and paid the originator the equivalent of £416,000 for it!

The computer model that reveals how you can complete a task in exactly half the time even though you will have done it every bit as well as before. Most people are baffled by how this works, but it soon becomes obvious how you can use it to get an awful lot more done in far less time.

How to allocate your time so that you always get your tasks done whilst still having time to respond to other people's requests.

The techniques of effective delegation. Many people never learn how to do this properly but David Drennan's principles will suddenly make it clear exactly when and how to delegate.

12 more tips and advice that will leave you in no doubt how to claw back valuable time every day.

Written as a companion to Winning the Executive Job Race, this invaluable manual also comes with 10 memory jogger wall plaques that summarise 'the most crucial techniques for effective time management'. Display them somewhere prominent and you'll never be stuck for time again.

The Top Time Management Tips and Memory Jogger Plaques are going to retail at around £49.99 when they are eventually made available to David's other clients. But as part of a special arrangement it is included here it at no extra cost.


FREE BONUS 2 - David Drennan's new How Top Companies Choose People Exposé, full printed and bound version (value £12.95)

How Top Companies Choose People

Drawing on his vast experience with Mars (a company consistently voted top of the '100 best companies to work for' list), David Drennan reveals the secrets of how Mars and hundreds of top companies like them go about their multi-stage selection process including...

The key credentials top organisations want to see ... and it's not all about qualifications.

How companies arrive at the deciding factor - you may be surprised to hear that the actual test results themselves feature way down the list of priorities.

How to understand the process of 'criterion-based interviews.'

Typical questions that David himself has asked at interview and the answers he would be looking for.

Mars' use of multi-assessors - know who else may typically be involved in the final decision and how to influence them to make it in your favour.

If there is one additional resource you need to consult before aiming for the top, this is it. Normally retailing at £12.95, it's yours free when you order Winning the Executive Job Race.


FREE BONUS 3 - Land that Job Faster memory cards (value £24.95)

Land That Job Faster Memory Jog Cards

When there is so much at stake you can't afford to get it wrong and make avoidable mistakes. This pack of 25 cards is an excellent way of quickly and discreetly reminding you of the key strategies before you go into the interview.

There's also room to jot down your own personal Five Point Plan for holding your ground in the toughest interview using David's famous 'Mrs T' technique.

Normally these cards retail at £24.95, but they're yours free when you order within the next 48 hours.

Remember, you can try out this whole package with absolutely

100% No Quibble Full Money Back Guarantee!

Even if you're cynical, skeptical or you're just naturally cautious, you can still try out this unique home study course with absolutely NO RISK WHATSOEVER.

Order your copy today, examine it in your own home, try out the techniques and if FOR ANY REASON you feel it doesn't live up to what we've promised, simply return it to us within 30 days for a full and courteous refund ... no questions asked!

And yes you still get to keep the supplementary bonus materials!

... It could be the most important trial of your life!

Winning the Executive Job Race and Free Bonus Materials

Happiness, contentment and a salary to get what you want out of life are things that so few people ever really achieve.

But with David Drennan's 'Winning the Executive Job Race' you really will have the tools to step forward and get the lifestyle that you truly deserve.

If you are looking to change your job now, or in the future, the small investment required to secure your own personal copy will pay for itself many times over ... GUARANTEED!

And if you're NOT looking for an executive position, don't be put off by the title ...

'Winning the Executive Job Race' will help ANYONE who seriously wants to enhance their lifestyle by moving up the career ladder and getting what they truly want out of their working life.

To secure your very own copy of this incredible course material today ... simply complete our 100% Secure Online Order Form. Do it now, fill in your details and within a few days you'll not only be delighted, motivated and inspired ... but you'll be counting down the minutes, because you can't wait to get started in your new career, and get all the benefits that go with it!




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Act now to make sure that you don't miss out on positively the best opportunity to securing your perfect dream job...

Get the job you've always wanted

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It's time to take your career to the next level.

Tim Lowe
Editor & Publisher


"If there's one resource you need to read before you take your job search any further, this is it."
Neal Smith, Sales Director - Visonics Corporation

Remember, companies pay up to £3000 an hour for this information that is being offered at a tiny fraction of this amount.


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